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Aquila European Renewables
Income Fund
Christine Brockwell
Head Partnerships and Portfolio Management
Energy & Infrastructure EMEA
Aquila Capital Hamburg
This is a unique proposition for investors to take advantage of the rapidly advancing renewable energy sector in Europe and to participate in opportunities presented by Europe’s energy transition to a low carbon society. We have a proven track record of investing in the sector and will use this expertise to provide stable cash flows and allow for reliable maintenance of dividend targets for investors.

The fund

Aquila European Renewables Income Fund objective is to provide investors with a truly diversified portfolio of renewable assets. The fund’s aim is to invest mostly in diversified operating and a limited number of greenfield renewable energy assets, such as hydropower-plants, onshore wind and solar pv parks across continental Europe & Ireland.

Through the diversification of asset types, the seasonal production of these asset types work to balance the cash flow, while the geographic diversification serves to reduce exposure to one single energy market.

The investment opportunity

  • The Fund targets assets which are expected to generate renewable energy output for at least 25 years from their commissioning date.
  • Targeted IRR of 6.0 % to 7.5 % (net) per year.
  • Targeting quarterly dividends, with 5cts per ordinary share once fully invested.
  • The Fund is a Euro-denominated UK domiciled investment company, which invests in renewable energy technologies across continental Europe and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Dividends will be declared in Euro and therefore offer currency diversification for UK investors.

Aquila European Renewables Income Fund - Shareprice

London Stock Exchange welcomes Aquila Capital

The IPO successfully raised €154.3 million which will be invested in its diversified portfolio consisting hydropower, onshore wind and solar assets.
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